Our mission is to provide the best trading, information and prediction market services bar none.

Founded in 1999, Intrade is an Irish incorporated service business. Our team has almost 80 years combined experience in prediction markets. Intrade.com is considered to be the leading prediction market platform.

Our trading service allows members to transact in the most innovative, transparent and exciting way on political, financial, current and similar event futures. Intrade members trade directly with each other.

When you trade on Intrade you are pitting your wits against other members of Intrade. Intrade provides the platform whereby members can trade between themselves.

Our market data is used by people who want to acquire the predictive intelligence from the Intrade marketplace. They include governments, >100 global media organizations, central banks, investment houses, universities, the military, private traders, consultancies, and public individuals. For example we have supplied market data to CNBC, CNN, FOX, WSJ, FT, New York Times, 7 Federal Reserve Districts, over 50 major universities and graduate schools in the US, the ECB, Cato, Bank of Japan, Bank of England, presidential candidates and major and boutique Wall Street firms.

We have operated public and private prediction market places for Yahoo!, The Financial Times, the National Journal, RealClearPolitics, and Rasmussen Reports. These marketplaces increase page views, content for editorial, community, user "stickiness", average time on a site, and therefore increased advertising revenue. We help our corporate customers increase the value of their business.

In a world of data overload, Intrade helps provide the best predictive information and innovative trading opportunities bar none.

For Press enquiries, please contact press@intrade.com
What is the role of Intrade
  Intrade is an exchange that facilitates the matching of orders from its customers. Intrade ensures that trading profits and losses are transferred between customers in a timely manner and allows customers to close out positions by trading with any other customer. Intrade does not enter into trades on the exchange.
What is exchange trading

Exchange trading allows members to trade on contracts against other members.

I keep getting "Page Cannot Be Displayed" errors when using Internet Explorer version 5 or above
  This is a known problem with Internet Explorer. To resolve this you should change your browser settings as follows: Click on Tools, Internet Options.... from the main menu at the top of your browser. Click On the Advanced Tab. Find the check box next to "Show friendly HTTP error messages" uncheck this box.
I get a security alert message when I try to log on to my account.
This happens when you are using the url http://intrade.com as opposed to http://www.intrade.com. It is OK to click Yes and continue. If you wish to avoid the alert in future, just use www.intrade.com when logging into your account.
Is it Legal for me to use Intrade where I live?

The simple answer is that we cant be sure and this is why we require you to confirm to us that your activities are permissible from your own location. If you are in any doubt if your activities are legal from your location then you should not use our service until you take suitable professional advise.

Are Intrade Predictions better than Polls?

Whether prediction markets like Intrade can predict more accurately than opinion polls has been studied. Based on past performance prediction markets seem to be more accurate. Does that mean prediction markets like Intrade will be in every instance? No. But we believe that the market mechanism is superior to a polling mechanism. Also, the Intrade prediction market will aggregate information from the polls (and perhaps poll participants will also be influenced by the predictions from the markets).

How can Intrade's Predictions be So Wrong?

The predictions or prices on intrade are predictions, they are not guarantees or certainties. A market that is trading at 90, means that there is a 90% chance of the event happening. 90% means the event it is highly likely to occur, but not guaranteed. Intrade's predictions have been wrong in the past, and will be again in the future. However, the Intrade market mechanism of aggregating opinions to give the an estimate of likelihood of an uncertain future event occurring is the best one we know.


Rates and Fees

As of 1st January 2011 all members of the exchange will be charged a monthly "trading seat" fee of US$4.99.

This fee encourages and provides for unlimited trading. There are no other order fees, trading fees, expiry fees or commission charges other than the monthly trading fee of US$4.99.

This fee will be debited from all accounts on the first day of each calendar month.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this fee or any other related issue please contact the exchange on help@intrade.com.

I want to deposit funds into my account
  Funds may be deposited once you have opened an Intrade account. You may deposit funds into a Intrade account by bank transfer, personal check, cashier’s check, international money order or MasterCard and Visa.
For credit cards your initial deposit limit is $250 until your account has been verified. The minimum deposit is $25.
Complete details on each method of depositing funds can be obtained in the Deposits section on the "My Account" page of the site.
Unfortunately we cannot accept deposits by PayPal, NETeller, ACH transfer or American Express.
I have funded my account. When can I start trading?
  You may start trading once your funds have reached your Intrade account. Funds deposited by credit card clear almost immediately, while other methods of transferring money take longer to clear.
Estimated clearing times are as follows: US check or banker's draft drawn on a US bank - minimum 5 working days after receipt. Bank transfer - your bank may be able to arrange same day, but 1-2 business days is more normal.
What are the Intrade fees for depositing or withdrawing money to or from my account?
  There are no fees for deposits. Intrade absorbs bank charges on bank transfers deposited to your Intrade account but your bank may charge you independently for wiring funds.
There is a $20.00 charged by the Exchange for processing a bank wire transfer withdrawal. All fees charged for processing the wire by the sending bank, the receiving bank or any intermediary bank the transfer is routed through are payable by the receiver of the transfer (i.e. the exchange member requesting the withdrawal). These fees will not be covered or refunded by the Exchange.
The cost of issuing a withdrawal check (currently 4 euro) is payable by the receiver (i.e. the exchange member requesting the withdrawal) and will be deducted from the withdrawal amount requested. This will be done by the issuing bank (National Irish Bank) and not by the Exchange. The details of this deduction are displayed on the check itself.
For your first check withdrawal per calendar month you will incur only the cost of issuing the check. Any further check withdrawals in the same calendar month will incur a $10.00 admin fee from the Exchange, in addition to the cost of issuing the check. You may request to have your check sent by FedEx but regret that we must pass on the FedEx fee of $30.
Complete details on each method of depositing funds can be obtained in the Withdrawals section on the "My Account" page of the site.
Can I get some help depositing or withdrawing funds?

For help depositing funds please contact us:

Email: help@intrade.com
Phone: From the US: 011-353-1-685-4363
Or: +353-1-685-4363

Intrade Representatives based in Ireland are available to assist you from 1:30pm to 9:30pm Irish Time (8:30am - 4:30pm ET), Monday to Friday.

Our address for sending check deposits is:

Intrade The Prediction Market
First Floor 12
Office 4
Main St
Lucan, Co. Dublin

Please note: there is no post-code assigned to the Lucan area
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Member/general enquiries: help@intrade.com

Press enquiries: press@intrade.com

Marketing enquiries: marketing@intrade.com

Careers: recruitment@intrade.com


For all deposits, member funds and banking correspondence:

Intrade The Prediction Market
First Floor 12
Office 4
Main St
Lucan, Co. Dublin

Please note: there is no post-code assigned to the Lucan area