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Oscars 2012 on Intrade

Name Value Description
Markets involved 95 Total number of markets listed on Intrade for this event
Correct Predictions 93 Number of markets where Intrade predicted correct outcome
Incorrect Predictions 2 Winner of Academy Award for Best Actress:
  • Viola Davis (The Help) to win the Oscar for Best Actress
  • Meryl Streep (Iron lady) to win the Oscar for Best Actress
Intrade's Predictive Accuracy 97.89%
Traded Shares 128,254 Total number of shares traded
Traded $ $1,282,540 Traded in USD (1 share ~ $10.00 transaction)
Number of Trades 10,720
Number of Traders 512 Unique buyers and sellers
Greatest Profit +$22,133 Trade P/L + Expiry P/L
Greatest Loss -$14,922 Trade P/L + Expiry P/L

Generated on Feb 27, 2012.

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