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Market Rules Clarification: US or Israeli airstrike against Iran

Thursday, Feb 2, 2012

Following a customer enquiry, Intrade would like to clarify the market rules published on the website for our market regarding a US or Israeli airstrike against Iran.

For these markets to be settled at $10.00 any airstrike (as defined by the market rules) must be executed against an Iranian target. A market will not be settled at $10.00 if there is an airstrike executed against a non-Iranian target.

An example of an attack against a non-Iranian target would be an airstrike to destroy a US drone or other aircraft that has gone down in Iranian territory before it is recovered by Iranian forces. If Iranian targets are also attacked in the course of this airstrike however, the market will be settled at $10.00.

A clarification has now been added to the market rules published on the website. Please note that this is NOT a change to the rules, it is a clarification to the existing rules.

The markets are currently suspended and trading will be resumed at 16:00 GMT today (Thursday). If you wish to cancel any open orders to buy or sell shares in these markets I suggest you do this before trading is resumed.

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