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New Prediction Market: Number of House seats held by GOP after 2012 elections

Tuesday, Jan 25, 2011

Intrade has opened a market for the number seats in the US House of Representatives held by the Republicans following the 2012 elections.

This market can be found under Politics > 2012 US Elections.

Contract Rules:

A contract will settle (expire) at 100 ($10.00) if the number of House seats held by the Republicans is equal to, or greater than, the number specified in the contract.

This contract will settle (expire) at 0 (10.00) if the number of House seats held by the Republicans is less than the number specified in the contract.

Expiry will be based on the official results of the 2012 elections, as reported by three independent and reliable media sources.

If necessary this contract may remain open until any legal challenges to the outcome of an election are settled. A legal challenge will be considered settled once a member of Congress has been sworn in for the disputed seat.

For the purposes of this contract any seats held by an Independent who caucuses with the Republicans will NOT be considered a Republican seat. The seat must be held by a Republican.

Any changes to the result after the contract has expired will not be taken into account - Contract Rule 1.4

Due to the nature of this prediction market contract you are obligated to read Contract Rule 1.7 (Unforeseen Circumstances) and Contract Rule 1.8 (Time Protection). Intrade may invoke these rules in its absolute discretion if deemed appropriate.

Please contact the exchange by emailing if you have any questions regarding this contract or interpretation of these contract specific rules, related exchange news articles or exchange rules before you place an order to trade.

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