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Effective 1st January Intrade is radically changing how it encourages trading

Thursday, Dec 16, 2010

Intrade expects trading liquidity to improve dramatically with our radical new fee structure.

Trading and expiry fees have been removed entirely.

They are being replaced instead with a modest monthly “trading seat” fee of only US$4.99.

This fee will be charged on the first day of every month, beginning 1st January.

We have improved our software to handle higher volumes as we continuously emphasize the fair pricing of contracts between members on our platform.

Visual data display lets members detect contracts that interest them. With this new incentive to trade we expect to see more trading on these contracts with closer spreads.

Furthermore, we will make our application programmable interface (API)* freely available to all members.

We hope members will applaud these improvements by sharply increasing their use of the services we offer.

As always, your feedback is the best guide we have on the improvements we can implement.

Good fortunes trading from all at Intrade.

*The Intrade API is an interface to encourage interaction with our platform in a manner and method entirely under your control.  The Intrade API allows anyone to develop widgets, apps, prediction methods, robots, and crawlers that allow you to read from, and write to, (i.e. make predictions) Intrade in a fully customizable manner.

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