Trust, Security and Confidentiality are cornerstones of the exchange and these matters are of the utmost important to us. Important facts for you to consider.

The updating US$ figure for funds traded is a simulated estimate of the increase in risk trade per second since inception. We have deliberately understated the figures but we will update these figures periodically.

Segregated Funds: Your funds are held in segregated accounts with banks in Ireland, and are segregated from Intrade's own corporate funds.

Safer by Design: If the Dow Jones crashes, the New York Stock Exchange doesn't go bankrupt. In the same way, intrade doesn't lose money when an unusual result arises. Whenever you trade, intrade will 'freeze' sufficient money in your account to cover your potential losses. If you lose, we simply transfer the already frozen money from your account to a winning customer account. If you win, we pay your winnings from a losing customer account.

Member Specific Bank Accounts: As you know, your funds and those of all exchange member funds are held separate and segregated from the Company's own capital at National Irish Bank and Anglo Irish Bank. To provide additional transparency we have introduced a unique service where an individual member can have a specific account established within the suite of segregated accounts.

This service further separates your funds from those of other members and enables you to see on an individual Bank Statement your balance, and transactions. This service which includes receiving a periodic hard copy bank statement is being offered to members with $50,000 (previously $100,000) or more in their account for free. All other members can avail of this facility for $50p.m. (previously $100 p.m)

For more details please email our Banking Manager at .

Jurisdiction: The Exchange is located and operated from Dublin, Ireland. Any member of the exchange is welcome to visit our offices by prior appointment at

Intrade The Prediction Market Ltd.
Units 9-10, Lucan Village Centre,
Co. Dublin,

Regulation: The contracts listed on our exchange are not considered investment instruments in Ireland and therefore we are not regulated in this jurisdiction.

Data Security: intrade takes your security very seriously and consequently we ensure that all sensitive information is kept encrypted on relevant database(s). intrade does not keep the entire account number of your bank, or credit card account, hence the requirement for you to type in the last 4 digits when you elect to add or use a card for payment. All transmissions between intrade and our card payment processor partners are private and issued over SSL.

Management and Shareholder Team: The owners and managers of the exchange are from professional trading, investment, media and legal backgrounds.

Should you have any questions or concerns about Security issues as they relate to your account with the exchange please contact our support team at the following email address: